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Operations -we lay out business processes, strategies, and best practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within your business.

Equipment - we help you find and purchase the right tools your company needs to operate productively. This process aims to reduce your operation expenses by determining what you need and work with the equipment you already have in-house.

Payroll- we provide you with services in efficiently compensating your employees. This includes financial records on your employee gross earnings, payroll deductions and net pay, as well as employer's related payroll tax liability.

Development - we assist you in pursuing strategic opportunities in expanding your business which includes developing your company website and logo, developing your company products / services, advertising, and identifying new markets and niche for your business.

Business Licensing - we make it easier for you to open your business legally, obtain business license, form your entity, company, or LLC and the paperwork involved in the process.

Staffing - we continuously find, select, evaluate, and interview suitable candidates to fill your company team / staff. This also includes providing training, monitoring, and support for your employees.


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